Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing is in my Blood, er, my Chart!

In 2005, I was struggling with the idea of being a writer. So I asked my favorite astrologer, Elsa, at what my chart said. This was her response and probably one of the biggest encouragements to keep writing.
Hey Elsa!
I really want to be a writer, but lately I've been wondering if I have
what it takes to do this.  Should I pursue my dream?  Or should I
leave it where it is now, a hobby?

Signed, Aspiring

Dear Aspiring,

I would definitely encourage you to pursue a writing career. PERIOD. Don't think about it, do it. Now. Soon as you can, because you have everything it takes and I'll elaborate.

First you have something to say.  Jupiter in it's own sign, Pisces, guarantees this and is supported by Mars which translates to your being *driven.  Mars = raw male energy, okay? And Mars is in the third house, (rules writing) so you write fast, don't you?  Hard-on writing I call it. Stout. Strong.

Mercury is also well placed, in it's own house (the third) in Aquarius (Brilliant) and well supported by Pluto (Power).  Lookin' pretty good, huh?

But further, you have a Virgo Moon, so a natural nitpicker / editor. If it sucks, you're gonna know it, which brings me to the impediment because you know there is one, or you wouldn't be asking about this, right?  You'd be doing, but you're afraid.

You're afraid you're not that smart, is the main thing. And this is tragic, because I'm looking at the chart of a brilliant mind.

Now there's more astrology. I could go on and on, but basically I'm trying to tell you that everything tracks back to writing, so much so, that I would say you WILL be a writer, but if you want the short cut - work on squelching your fear. You've just got to motor through it, and you surely can. This also might help:

There's a lot of sex in this chart. You want to write out and overt. You want to write free. I'm wondering if this doesn't set the more conservative side of you on edge, so I'll tell you how you get around that.

Come to realize that writing - what you write and put out in the world, is a SERVICE. You are helping people. If you can figure this out, you're gonna be able to write like a bat out of hell and never look back.

Good luck!

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  1. She is a fantastic astrologer. That is pretty cool, that you are meant to write. I agree, also that you as a person are helpful be nature. :)