Sunday, January 11, 2015

When Writing Slows...

I'm at this weird headspace today. Probably because:

1. I accidentally skipped a couple of doses of my anti-crazy meds.

2. I don't deal well with people who don't understand my writing.

3. I feel like Dead was a fluke, and Serpent is going to bomb. No particular reason. See #1.

It's leaving me feeling like I should crawl into a whole and just sleep for a long, long time. Which, of course, isn't feasible, but life goes on.

I'm at a crossroads with Sidhe, where Zoe is feeling just as tired and run down. Given everything that happened in Serpent, it's no wonder, but how do I get her back to a place where she gives a shit about the world around her again? How do I make the story interesting enough for her to even want to show up, much less solve the crime? Not even broaching a potential new love interest, because things are just too...fresh and painful.

The desert of Arizona is different than the humid climes of the east coast. A change of scenery never hurts, right?

Ah, I'm rambling. Thanks for listening. Time to do some research. Gotta stick some fae mounds in this place.


  1. I typed a comment but don't see it do you moderate?
    Or did I loose it?

  2. Trying to comment again.

    About your character. She has to leave the house at some point. You could have something happen at the store, parking lot, on the road.

    Or there is always the nosy neighbor who notices the mail piling up.

    If your character is down and out I'm not sure how she will get the gumtion to travel.

    However there is always lucid dreaming. A fortune from the future or a memory from the past.

    If all else fails, remember as an author you are god you can always have it rain bowling ball sized hail on her house,etc.

    Good luck. BTW check out gaimans recent post about writing. It will make you smile.

    1. I have her out of the house and in Arizona, so that's good. She's just kind of zoning out by the river here right now.

    2. Oh oh I know have her talk to (don't know how to spell name) river spirit from spirited away. ;)

    3. Oooh! Something similar! I'll do that! I'll call her Zelesca.

    4. Aw! Hope she nice and helpful. ;)