Thursday, August 28, 2014

Depression Truth

I recently had a mental break and find myself in the throes of a depressive episode. As I get back on my feet, I reached for the carthartis that is writing for me, and I wrote these two articles on

Depression: Ten Things You Should Know
On Monday, August 10th, 2014, I lost my current battle with depression. Not the war, mind you, that I’ve been fighting my whole life, but this particular battle I’ve been struggling with since my daughter left to live with her dad on the other side of the country in August 2013.

Depression: Ten Things that Help Us
It’s been a week since I published “Depression: Ten Things You Should Know”, two weeks since I fell into my current black hole, and in that time, the response to that article has told me that people really do want to do whatever they can do help us when we’re low. And I wanted to share with you the top ten things that helped me.

I hope you get something out of them.

Thanks for reading. 

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