Friday, June 20, 2014

Excerpt: Whispers of the Serpent

I love this new novel...
“Lucy, no. You don’t get it. How long until someone figures out that you’re important to me? How long until you follow me into some stupid bad situation?” I turned, tears rolling down my cheeks. “You are my best friend. I would never forgive myself if you got hurt like this, just to be my best friend. So I am begging you, please, walk away. Not forever, but for right now.”

“Zoë, no! Are you kidding me? You need me more now than ever!” She reached for me again, and I backed up. “You’re serious.”

I wiped the tears off my face. “Something’s wrong with me, and I need to sort it out. And you need to let me.” Big, fat tears welled in her eyes. “Oh, Lucy, please don’t cry!” I held my hands out to her, and she grabbed them like a lifeline.

She pushed away the tears on her shoulders. “Not forever.”

"No, I couldn’t live without you forever.”

Lucy pulled me in for a big hug. “If you need me…” She echoed Daniel’s earlier offer in a whispered breath in my hair.

“I know. Thank you.”

And with one last squeeze, my best friend walked away.

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