Thursday, February 27, 2014

OMG, You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

I am so overwhelmed and touched by the reviews I've gotten since my novel came out in December! Here are excerpts from my favorites!


"The book was really easy to read without any mistakes to get in the way. I liked the writing style. I got the book free in exchange for an unbiased review but it is certainly one I would have paid for!" - Ginny15

"I think this is the fifth novel I've read recently that is published by Evolved Publishing, and every single one of them has impressed me with high standards of story editing, proofreading, and sheer enjoyment value. Whispers of the Dead was no different." - IndieHeart

"A good read that sucked me right in at the begining and kept me until the very end. I really enjoyed the characters and Zoe's interactions with all of them. It's a modern good vs evil story that I personally couldn't put down." - Anonymous


"I liked the protagonist, Zoe. C.L. Roberts-Huth has gotten everything right - plot, characterization, setting, pacing, dialogue, suspense and twists. I finished the book in one sitting and enjoyed the read." - Rohi Shetty

"Then there was the epilogue. Which set up a plot point for the next book that just made me go "but why ... ?"

In the end though, I still really enjoyed the book: the characters, the plot, the world. It was a good, enjoyable book. I'm still squinting suspiciously at book two though.

Which I'll be buying the second it comes out.

Don't judge me ..." - Ginny Lurlock

"This novel is a good fit for readers who like books with almost unbearable suspense. The writer has done a tremendous job in researching the Wiccan faith to write this novel. A word of caution - the book has a number of violent scenes, so it's not for sensitive readers. Having said that, it also shows clearly the power of good forces over evil ones. You don't put this book down once you start reading it. You could not stand to leave it for another day, and what's more, you wouldn't dare." - Joyce

I feel so loved! Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

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